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We appreciate your trust and respect for your privacy
The Golden Book exists to support business and corporate owners by providing quick and easy ways to manage private and public companies through the applications and pages contained in the Golden Book System at the site owned and operated by the Corporation and Foundation Emirate. This application does not include any third party websites, since all databases and files are stored in the servers of Al Amara for programming and development of special programs and the company makes backups of the databases on a daily basis
The technical and administrative support is supported by the work team of the Golden Book System of the company and the Emirate Foundation in Palestine Nablus
We use personal information or company information only to provide your business with services and technical support. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Company Emirate
Palestine, the city of Nablus


The Gold Book Team provides the following services to the Golden Book users on a daily basis as follows
Technical support and instructions and way to use the golden book
To provide you with educational material and manuals relevant to the services you use.
To contact you for service updates, system and account notifications.
To provide you with service support.

Close the Gold Book System usage account
At any time, users of the Golden Book can withdraw their consent to continue using the Gold Book by closing their account. Please be sure to complete the account closure process with an email confirmation

Request disclosure of accounting movements and stores in order to be reduced to another program

Ensure the integrity of the databases and information of the company


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